Shadow Cast by Mountains

Shadow Cast by Mountains, has been published by Hayloft, and you can order it HERE

It’s a collection that grew out of the Iraq war, which I covered for the BBC between 2003 and 2009. I regard the book as a single, extended narrative: it tells the story of the world I was born into; my war and how it changed me; and the world that emerged from the wreckage.
Here’s a sample….

After the war that took the fathers
But before the next
Had taken their sons,

A man was murdered here:
Shot with a hand-moulded bullet
Fired from a home-made gun.

The village knew killer and killed,
But bled the mystery bit by bit
Deep into Bowland soil.

Young, I came long after
To the old stone houses
Enclosing a triangle of green.

Breathless and rosy cheeked
A girl I'd never met
And would never see again

Handed me a single red flower;
Then, smiling, she walked away,
Knowing this village keeps its secrets.

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She felt the ebbing tide
And went to the loch shore
To gather sea shells.

She last saw him
Marching off, tall
To her, and special,

But smaller with every step
He took away from her,
Unremarked in kilted uniform.

Soon he was nothing more
Than just another
Claggy lump of Belgium.

From eighty hard
Highland winters she came
To a green field

He knew only as mud
To bend painful knees
To kneel before him,

And arranged her shells
To spell out one word -

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I only have her
For the morning.
Later she can
Enjoy to the full
Everything the day
Can bring her.

She has places to go,
People to see,
And others to love;
This is my hope.
It's her spring,
But my autumn.

So I wish for a
Golden day of leaves
Falling deeply into
A fruitful country;
Because I only have her
For the morning.

See video of this poem here:

The waves

Smack my legs

And my toes

Sink deep

Into liquid sand.

I look

At the sea

And feel again

The cold

Slap of betrayal.

I glimpse a graphite sea
Smudging a sky
Laden with menace.

I have sought escape
From my darkest dawns,
Abandoning precious things,

To wash ashore
Seeking help the fearful
Would dare to deny.

Nothing is ours
By right, permanent:
Every line is provisional.

The gorse bushes
burst with brimstone
in prickly denials
of the cold dark winter.

Tall pine trees
crowd on hilltops,
copses whispering:

Somewhere a
kind sun still shines
on endless summers
of small adventures.